What is an impression?

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What is an impression? Empty What is an impression?

Post  brendon on Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:05 pm

An "impression" as it is known in living history circles, is the historical profile that someone portrays. For instance "British Rifleman - North Africa" or "German Machine Gunner - Early Eastern Front" etc.

Reenact SA has official primary and secondary impressions. It is reccommended that you obtain one of the primary impressions as a priority as these are our main focus areas and will help you fit in with existing units. Once you have established a primary impression, you may select another primary or secondary impression if you would like to increase your range. The secondary impressions however will only be utilised at events where enough primary impressions already exist and there is sufficient numbers of that secondary impression to make it realistic, or the events theme does not suit a primary impression e.g some of our winter events.

Outside of this, you may out of general interest create an unofficial impression. Sometimes these are utilised for public displays i.e. Erwin Rommel in our Afrika Korps Bay to Birwood run.

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