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Making the most of your impression Empty Making the most of your impression

Post  brendon on Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:23 pm

Once you have established your basic impression, you are encouraged to improve its authenticity. This not only makes you look better, but also improves the look of the whole unit. There are many people within the club who are very knowledgable not just on the authenticty, but modifying, weathering etc. gear to make it look like it should.

The club appoints authenticity officers to help members research and provide advise on impression authenticity. They also assess the suitability of impressions, and make reccommendations on how to improve yours. This is always done in a helping, not a critising way.

Here's some good ideas and focus areas:

Create a generic impression
By keeping the impression as generic as possible, it will allow you to attend more events without modification. It will also allow you to fit in with other members of your unit. Avoid insigina that tie you to a specific unit, unless it's included in that impression guideline. Also try to utilise equipment that was used all war, not just at the end.

Know your place in the squad, what your roles are, and the commands
Attending sub unit training days will increase your knowledge on how to correctly attack and defend according to the doctrine used during the war. Moving correctly in the field is just as important as uniform in "getting the look right".

Get the right gear
Make sure you buy the right gear in the first place. It will save you a lot of time replacing and modifying it to meet the acceptible standards. At first it seems daunting, but there are endless resources in the club to assist.

Wear your gear correctly
Make sure you wear you gear correctly. Is you webbing sitting right? Do you have belt hooks for support? Where does that water bottle go? How do you use the entrenching tool? These are all questions your sub unit leader will be able to answer.

Weather your gear appropriately
Having a uniform and gear that makes you look like a 1/6th scale man barby is not going to look realistic in the field. Often reproduction gear comes with a finish that is unrealistic for even brand new 1940's equipment. It is important to add these touches to really complete the look. Simple modifications are easy and there's plenty of advise, just bring your kit to a meeting and there'll be plenty of advise. Add some wear to your gear to make it look like you've been on the front a few months. Worn pants, scratched paint, worn leatjer etc. will really make it believable.

Also try to utilise original techniques. If your helmet for your impression was hand painted sand colour in the desert, use a paint brush and apply it just like they would of - it's not about perfection.

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